Well done to all competitors who competed in the Pelican Race.
CONGRATULATIONS to those trophie winners

Division 1
1st 959 Broken Blade Elliott 5.9 Jake Newman 0.775 3:35:00 2:46:37 1
2nd 59 Bartley Elliott 5.9 Bart Newman 0.775 3:40:42 2:51:02 2
3rd C750 Fat Bottom Girl Colson750 Brian Murphy 0.834 3:35:14 2:59:30 3

Division 2
1st 880 Running Free Noelex 25 David Philipps 0.725 3:42:53 2:41:35 1
2nd 40 Five O’Clock Somewhere Sonata 6.7 MkII (5oclk Swhere) Shaun Buckner 0.755 3:37:48 2:44:26 2
3rd 147 Pipalini Castle 650 Mitchell Bayliss 0.725 3:53:41 2:49:25 3

Division 3
1st 187 Jaffa Boomerang 20 DK Brendan Brown Allan Brown 0.640 3:52:49 2:29:00 1
2nd 3031 Juniper Timpenny 670 Alex Stroud 0.685 3:50:41 2:38:01 2
3rd 452 Restless Ultimate 18 DK Ray Slee 0.600 4:25:20 2:39:12 3

Latest Pelican Race update:

Hi everyone due to adverse wind conditions the Pelican Race has been postponed to Sunday the 10 of November 2019

GTYC wish to apologise for any inconvenience. 


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Geelong Trailable Yacht Club is proud to host the Pelican race again for 2019.

For more information please refer to the links below:

Pelican Race Home Page

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

           2019 Cluster Cup

       7th of September 2019

Link to the:


2019 – 2020 Geelong Trailable Yacht Club Fees are now due so get in quick or you may miss out on award come presentation night.

Link to the Fees Summary: Fees for the Season 2019-20


Saturday March the 23rd is the annual running of the Steamboat Cup all members and visitors are welcome to take part bring your own Trailable Yacht or crew on someone else’s.  

Notice of Race and sailing instructions are available on the Steamboat Cup Page.

Te link below will send you to the steamboat cup page where you can find the sailing instructions and web page:

Link to the Steamboat Cup page




Curlewis Bank Race

Notice of RACE and Sailing Instructions

Saturday 2nd. February, 2019

Notice of race and Sailing Instructions are on our Curlewis Bank page click on the link below to access

Curlewis Bank Race

The Pelican Race is on again!

Saturday 10th November 2018

Notice of Race.

Supplementary Sailing Instructions.

Are now available click on the link below.