The Steamboat Cup is coming on Saturday the 10th of April 2021 so get download the notice of race and get your entries in.

2021 Notice of Race is located on the Steamboat Cup Page link below:




Geelong Trailable Yacht Club wish to thank the Sonata and Ultimates Associations for choosing Geelong to host the regatta.

Congratulations to all competitors

Sonata results:

Series scores

Division 1 – Yardstick

Place Sail# Name Class Crew Club Race 1
20 Feb 2021
Race 2
20 Feb 2021
Race 3
20 Feb 2021
1 40 Five O’Clock Somewhere Sonata 6.7 MkII (5oclk Swhere) Shaun Buckner   1 2 1 4.0
2 178 Bumble Bee Sonata 7 Greg Goodall   2 1 2 5.0
3 7133 Sea Mistress Sonata 7 Des Russell   6 4 3 13.0
4 860 Jacana Sonata 26 Mick Floyd   3.5 3 7 13.5
5 SA208 Arakana Sonata 7 John Lockie   3.5 7 5 15.5
6 902 Briny Blue Noelex 25 Howard Hughes   8 5 4 17.0
6 1020 Radiance Noelex 25 Warren Dickins   5 6 6 17.0
8 CB159 Allegro Sonata 26 Rod Waite   7 8 9 24.0
9 Mu511 Watermark Sonata 7 Fiona Cartmel   9 9 8 26.0
10 SB852 Rells Sonata 8 Mel Winder   12 (DNC) 12 (DNC) 12 (DNC) 36.0
10 6888 Miss Diagnosed Sonata 6 Luke Beardsley   12 (DNC) 12 (DNC) 12 (DNC) 36.0


Series scores

Division 1 – Yardstick

Place Sail# Name Class Crew Club Race 1
20 Feb 2021
Race 2
20 Feb 2021
Race 3
20 Feb 2021
1 452 Restless Ultimate 18 DK Ray Slee   1 2 1 4.0
2 18 Laros Ultimate 18 DK Len Hatfield   2 1 2 5.0
3 entrants.    






Good news with the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted Wednesday night we can proceed with the Sonata and Ultimate Regatta on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st of February 2021.

For those interested and last minute entries the Notice of Race and Entry Form are available below:



Entry Form


Sailing Instructions



COVID requirement:

a. Do not compete if you have symptoms, are awaiting for test results or have had contact with a known infected person

b. Wear masks wherever possible

c. Maintain social distancing wherever possible

d. Utilise hand sanitising agent in the vicinity of the clubhouse

Notice of race and supplementary sailing instructions are now available on the Curlewis Bank page link below

Curlewis Bank Race



The annual Curlewis Bank Race is scheduled to take place on Saturday the 6th of February 2021.

Notice of race and sailing instructions shall be posted soon.

Pelican Race Geelong

Geelong Trailable Yacht Club
Saturday 28th
November 2020

For Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race click on the link below for the Pelican Race Home Page:

Pelican Race Geelong

Hi everyone. We in Geelong have, since early October, been permitted to resume competitive sailing but our Melbourne members have not been permitted the same privilege. In fairness to the Melbourne members, we have delayed resumption of racing. Changes announced last Sunday permit Melbourne members to participate, so Committee is quickly moving to initiate a program of events, with not much time before Christmas activities descend on us.


Firstly, we will be running a Short Series race, followed by a Summer Series race, on Sunday, 22nd November, with normal start times of 10:00 and 13:30.


Secondly, the Pelican Race Geelong will be conducted on Saturday 28th. November. Notice of Race and Supplementary Sailing Instructions are attached.


Thirdly, our Christmas Party will be held on Saturday evening 12th. December at the Clubhouse.


The 2021 program to 30 September, as is normal, will be issued soon.


Welcome back,



Restless and Playmate taking advantage of some social sailing on Corio Bay.

Photo’s were taken by Paul on is Farr 7500 Gilt Edge.

· Doug has been negotiating with Council, who now have found the money to connect the water and drainage, including a 25 litre hot water system. When our hot water heater (donated by Gavin and Jenny about 20 years ago) was removed from the wall at the Rotunda, it was found to have some corrosion and was deemed to not have enough life left to warrant installing it in the new Clubhouse. A replacement costs about $900 so we decided to delete it. Hot water will be available from the 25 L hot water system and from our urn.

· Phil Jones, a veteran of many kitchen installations during his career, has designed a new “kitchenette” based on Bunnings “Kaboodle” kitchen systems. We now have sink, cupboards and benchtops sitting in place and are waiting for delivery of the dishwasher, which is due any day now. The plumbers hired by Council will then finish their bit and installation can be completed.

That’s it for now.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the water soon.