Hi everyone. We in Geelong have, since early October, been permitted to resume competitive sailing but our Melbourne members have not been permitted the same privilege. In fairness to the Melbourne members, we have delayed resumption of racing. Changes announced last Sunday permit Melbourne members to participate, so Committee is quickly moving to initiate a program of events, with not much time before Christmas activities descend on us.


Firstly, we will be running a Short Series race, followed by a Summer Series race, on Sunday, 22nd November, with normal start times of 10:00 and 13:30.


Secondly, the Pelican Race Geelong will be conducted on Saturday 28th. November. Notice of Race and Supplementary Sailing Instructions are attached.


Thirdly, our Christmas Party will be held on Saturday evening 12th. December at the Clubhouse.


The 2021 program to 30 September, as is normal, will be issued soon.


Welcome back,



Restless and Playmate taking advantage of some social sailing on Corio Bay.

Photo’s were taken by Paul on is Farr 7500 Gilt Edge.

· Doug has been negotiating with Council, who now have found the money to connect the water and drainage, including a 25 litre hot water system. When our hot water heater (donated by Gavin and Jenny about 20 years ago) was removed from the wall at the Rotunda, it was found to have some corrosion and was deemed to not have enough life left to warrant installing it in the new Clubhouse. A replacement costs about $900 so we decided to delete it. Hot water will be available from the 25 L hot water system and from our urn.

· Phil Jones, a veteran of many kitchen installations during his career, has designed a new “kitchenette” based on Bunnings “Kaboodle” kitchen systems. We now have sink, cupboards and benchtops sitting in place and are waiting for delivery of the dishwasher, which is due any day now. The plumbers hired by Council will then finish their bit and installation can be completed.

That’s it for now.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the water soon.

Hi everyone.

Australian Sailing have issued information with respect to Sailing.

At this stage, organised Club racing is not permitted.

Non-competitive sailing is permitted, subject to listed conditions (distancing, numbers, equipment cleaning and sharing etc).


Official Statement from Australian Sailing:


GTYC Corona Virus update:

As Government restrictions have not eased, sailing events will continue to be suspended until mid May 2020.

Due to recent Government restrictions,

GTYC committee has decided to postpone Sailing Events from now until the 28th of April 2020.

This decision will be reviewed around the 28th of April in respect of future sailing events.

Hopefully we can get back on the water at that time.


Hi everyone. The Steamboat Cup is coming up, a chance to practice your short-handed sailing skills. Notice of Race is below so get your entries in. Sailing Instructions will be issued shortly. Note that, if the weather is tricky and your entry is in, you will be notified personally of developments before the day. If you are not entered, we cannot directly tell you, though there will be notices on the GTYC website.


For more information refer to the Steamboat Cup page.



Hi everyone. A lot has happened in the fortnight since the last “What’s been happening”. Last weekend, GTYC conducted the Huntingfield Cup, the national titles for the Jubilee Class. Apart from a fickle wind, all went very well. On water crew, Bob, Brian, Shaun, Glenn, Colin and the Jubilee crew, managed to get 4 races in the time and are to be congratulated. The Jubilees were all happy, especially the winner, GTYC member and Jubilee sailor, Charles Weatherly. Trophy presentations were ably conducted by our Commodore, Doug.

The Jubilee event highlighted the fact that, (a) the fridge that looked acceptable in the Rotunda environment, looks totally unacceptable in the “pristine” surroundings of the new Clubhouse and (b), the fridge is far too small (can’t fit enough drinks in). A decision has been made on a replacement and that should be installed this week. The next consideration is the layout of the kitchenette area. Member Phil Jones has been designing the layout of the cupboards, benches, sink etc which will both serve the functions required and look good. Watch this space.

We have a Club dinner coming up on Saturday 14th March and it will be held in the new Clubhouse. Dinner (roast and sweets) will be $20 per head – we will be asking for numbers soon. The outlook from the new clubhouse is superb, it is air-conditioned and it is a delightful place to be so make this your chance to experience the comforts of our new home.

Also coming up is the Steamboat Cup on Saturday, April 4. Single handed or two-up, a chance to show what can be done with limited crew.

GTYC wish to thank the Jubilee Association of Victoria for choosing GTYC as the hosts for the Jubilee Huntingfield Cup for this last weekend the 29th of February and the 1st of March.

Congratulations to the to all competitors and Charles Weatherley and Crew for there great results. 



First and foremost, we are in our new Clubrooms. It was a great relief to get the key to the building at 4:30 on Friday afternoon because we could use the new building to host the regatta for Jubilees, Sonata Association, and Ultimate Association. The regatta participants began arriving on Friday night, at which point GTYC had a key but no tables chairs urn crockery or cutlery so:  


  • The working bee at the rotunda focussed on cleaning chairs and tables ready for transfer
  • Because there was no guarantee that we wold get the key, the rotunda was cleaned in case and my trailer loaded what we would need (gazebo, tables, chairs, bins)for the Saturday event.
  • Thanks to Doug’s perseverance and persistence by the Council Officer doing his best for us, final work which had to be done before occupancy (finishing windows and door, removing displaced material, finalising the licence agreement), we were handed the key. Next was a rush to get copies before Mister Minit closed.
  • 7:00 next morning (Saturday), chairs, tables and bins were unloaded from my trailer and a little later, from Glenn’s van. More trips transferring things from the rotunda followed and the Race Office opened on time at 9:00 AM and racing events were under way on time. Cleaning, mopping and vacuuming proceeded apace
  • Next, a trip to Bunnings to purchase the tables needed for dinner in the evening and more chairs transferred and arranged.


Thanks to the coordinated effort by everyone concerned, the whole day was a tremendous success. Our new building is better than we hoped for. Of particular note are

  • We can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people for dinner, even more if we use the balcony.
  • The views from inside looking out to the boat harbour are delightful.
  • The view of the racing boats from the balcony are also appealing.
  • Interior is well lit and the reverse-cycle air conditioning is quiet and effective.
  • With careful and clever use of space, we can do everything comfortably without the need to hire externally.
  • It is easy to keep the space clean and inviting.


I have included a few photos.

It has been a long time coming but worth the wait. With the excitement of moving, we should not forget that we ran a successful regatta enjoyed by all who participated. Congratulations to GTYC member Shaun (Five O’Clock Somewhere) who won the Sonata series. Thanks to everyone who helped with that, in particular, Bob, Brian and Glenn and Rita.


It is on again in a fortnight for the Jubilees. Let’s hope for better weather.



Don’t forget Sun 23rd Club Racing: