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A March 2013 morning on the Myall Lakes – 4 days of TS heaven


The new Geelong Trailable Yacht Club Cruising Page

Welcome to our new cruising page!

Cruising contact: Paul Graham  0432 248969

What’s new?

Many members have joined our club for cruising or have expressed an interest to go cruising, but have found the dates of the organised cruises haven’t suited them or their family. This is meant that some members miss out and the numbers that join the cruise can be small.

We have all heard members talk about their experience of going cruising through the week or between school holidays, where places like Gippsland lakes are much quieter and perhaps more enjoyable. Many members have noted that they would have liked to have joined in, if they had only known…

Our new cruising page aims at facilitating this very thing. Instead of just promoting club organised cruising events, it provides a place for members to announce a cruise that they are planning and the opportunity to join in with them. Having extra boats being part of the cruise increases the fellowship, the knowledge base and of course the safety.

Essentially this is an extension of what we trialed in the even keel for last Christmas holidays with good effect. It’s as simple as the following:

1. printing out this form: GTYC Cruise Rego Form

2. filling in your details for your cruise

3. emailing it back to Paul Webster at

He will then post this information onto cruising page for all members to see. If a member wishes to join you, they will contact you directly so that you can develop your cruise plan. By doing it this way, we hope the club provides you the member, a forum to know what cruises are available when you are, but allows you the freedom to work to your own times and plans.


There is useful information on leading a cruise in these hyperlinks below:






The other thing that we are keen to offer our members is a cruising knowledge base so that that the first time trip to Westernport Bay, Whitsundays or down the Yarra is not so daunting! This is a developing page and so is not exhaustive by any means.

It is also developed by the Geelong trailable yacht club community, that means you and I. So to make it a really worthwhile resource, it’s up to us when we go to a cruising destination and find a new map, a new book of information, DVD or any other resource that adds to the knowledge or enjoyment of a cruise in that destination to offer that to the club. Again by emailing or providing it to Paul Webster, who is in charge of the webpage, it can be added to the cruising knowledge base and in doing so help everyone.

I encourage you to visit this page regulary to see how this page is developing and more importantly using it, so that we all can enjoy fabulous cruising.

(cruising Corio Bay on a still winter’s evening 2013)