· Doug has been negotiating with Council, who now have found the money to connect the water and drainage, including a 25 litre hot water system. When our hot water heater (donated by Gavin and Jenny about 20 years ago) was removed from the wall at the Rotunda, it was found to have some corrosion and was deemed to not have enough life left to warrant installing it in the new Clubhouse. A replacement costs about $900 so we decided to delete it. Hot water will be available from the 25 L hot water system and from our urn.

· Phil Jones, a veteran of many kitchen installations during his career, has designed a new “kitchenette” based on Bunnings “Kaboodle” kitchen systems. We now have sink, cupboards and benchtops sitting in place and are waiting for delivery of the dishwasher, which is due any day now. The plumbers hired by Council will then finish their bit and installation can be completed.

That’s it for now.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the water soon.

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