First and foremost, we are in our new Clubrooms. It was a great relief to get the key to the building at 4:30 on Friday afternoon because we could use the new building to host the regatta for Jubilees, Sonata Association, and Ultimate Association. The regatta participants began arriving on Friday night, at which point GTYC had a key but no tables chairs urn crockery or cutlery so:  


  • The working bee at the rotunda focussed on cleaning chairs and tables ready for transfer
  • Because there was no guarantee that we wold get the key, the rotunda was cleaned in case and my trailer loaded what we would need (gazebo, tables, chairs, bins)for the Saturday event.
  • Thanks to Doug’s perseverance and persistence by the Council Officer doing his best for us, final work which had to be done before occupancy (finishing windows and door, removing displaced material, finalising the licence agreement), we were handed the key. Next was a rush to get copies before Mister Minit closed.
  • 7:00 next morning (Saturday), chairs, tables and bins were unloaded from my trailer and a little later, from Glenn’s van. More trips transferring things from the rotunda followed and the Race Office opened on time at 9:00 AM and racing events were under way on time. Cleaning, mopping and vacuuming proceeded apace
  • Next, a trip to Bunnings to purchase the tables needed for dinner in the evening and more chairs transferred and arranged.


Thanks to the coordinated effort by everyone concerned, the whole day was a tremendous success. Our new building is better than we hoped for. Of particular note are

  • We can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people for dinner, even more if we use the balcony.
  • The views from inside looking out to the boat harbour are delightful.
  • The view of the racing boats from the balcony are also appealing.
  • Interior is well lit and the reverse-cycle air conditioning is quiet and effective.
  • With careful and clever use of space, we can do everything comfortably without the need to hire externally.
  • It is easy to keep the space clean and inviting.


I have included a few photos.

It has been a long time coming but worth the wait. With the excitement of moving, we should not forget that we ran a successful regatta enjoyed by all who participated. Congratulations to GTYC member Shaun (Five O’Clock Somewhere) who won the Sonata series. Thanks to everyone who helped with that, in particular, Bob, Brian and Glenn and Rita.


It is on again in a fortnight for the Jubilees. Let’s hope for better weather.



Don’t forget Sun 23rd Club Racing:  


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