Hi everyone. A lot has happened in the fortnight since the last “What’s been happening”. Last weekend, GTYC conducted the Huntingfield Cup, the national titles for the Jubilee Class. Apart from a fickle wind, all went very well. On water crew, Bob, Brian, Shaun, Glenn, Colin and the Jubilee crew, managed to get 4 races in the time and are to be congratulated. The Jubilees were all happy, especially the winner, GTYC member and Jubilee sailor, Charles Weatherly. Trophy presentations were ably conducted by our Commodore, Doug.

The Jubilee event highlighted the fact that, (a) the fridge that looked acceptable in the Rotunda environment, looks totally unacceptable in the “pristine” surroundings of the new Clubhouse and (b), the fridge is far too small (can’t fit enough drinks in). A decision has been made on a replacement and that should be installed this week. The next consideration is the layout of the kitchenette area. Member Phil Jones has been designing the layout of the cupboards, benches, sink etc which will both serve the functions required and look good. Watch this space.

We have a Club dinner coming up on Saturday 14th March and it will be held in the new Clubhouse. Dinner (roast and sweets) will be $20 per head – we will be asking for numbers soon. The outlook from the new clubhouse is superb, it is air-conditioned and it is a delightful place to be so make this your chance to experience the comforts of our new home.

Also coming up is the Steamboat Cup on Saturday, April 4. Single handed or two-up, a chance to show what can be done with limited crew.

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