Hi everyone. We in Geelong have, since early October, been permitted to resume competitive sailing but our Melbourne members have not been permitted the same privilege. In fairness to the Melbourne members, we have delayed resumption of racing. Changes announced last Sunday permit Melbourne members to participate, so Committee is quickly moving to initiate a program of events, with not much time before Christmas activities descend on us.


Firstly, we will be running a Short Series race, followed by a Summer Series race, on Sunday, 22nd November, with normal start times of 10:00 and 13:30.


Secondly, the Pelican Race Geelong will be conducted on Saturday 28th. November. Notice of Race and Supplementary Sailing Instructions are attached.


Thirdly, our Christmas Party will be held on Saturday evening 12th. December at the Clubhouse.


The 2021 program to 30 September, as is normal, will be issued soon.


Welcome back,



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