The Curlewis bank Race went ahead on Saturday post a two hour delay for a storm front that went through the Geelong area.

Once the wind settled down to 20 to 25 knots a shortened coarse was decided upon this consisted keeping all boats in the inner Corio bay harbour for safety.

A start line of St Helens which served as a Gate and using Marks CB4 and CB5.

The shortened coarse :



Start Finish Gate



Start Finish Gate



The coarse was completed in around two hours with all yachts managing to miss any storms and major rain, the wind settled to a manageable 20 knots with the odd gust  to around 25 knots.

Race Results 

Congratulations to all competitors 

Place  Sail #  Name                                               Class                                 Crew                                       Club                 

1           40         Five O’ Clock Somewhere        Sonata 6.7 MKII             Shaun Buckner                      GTYC 

2          C750     Fat Bottom Girl                          Colson 750                     Brian Murphy                        GTYC 

3           795       Hidden Agenda                          Noelex 25                       Glenn Kewish                       GTYC 


Link to race results

Curlewis Bank Race Results

Many thanks to the Officers of the Day and Bob and Ken for there efforts. 

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