Arthur the Great Race

The 2016 GTYC “Arthur the Great” Race will be sailed on Saturday 26th November

Notice of Race & Sailing Instruction PDF links below

2016 Arthur The Great Notice of Race

2016 Arthur The Great Sailing Instructions

About “Arthur the Great”

Arthur the Great, a ship of 1389 tons displacement, was inbound from Southampton to Geelong when, on 6 June 1856, she stranded twice on a shallow point near Point Wilson, as she attempted to enter Corio Bay. That shallow point was subsequently marked by a buoy, appropriately named Arthur the Great.

Since then, a long pier has been built at Point Wilson and an exclusion zone marked around the pier, active only when a ship is at the pier. Arthur the Great has become the north-eastern point of the exclusion zone.


The Race

Geelong Trailable Yacht Club conducts each year, a passage race starting from St Helens in Corio Bay, proceeding via the North Channel, around the exclusion zone, to Arthur the Great, returning to St Helens.  Note that the course has changed in 2016.  Please check the sailing instructions for details.


Course above for illustration purposes only.  Please refer to Sailing Instructions for correct race course.