GTYC cruise at Lake Eildon from the 1st to 4th of November 2014.


The flexible itinerary runs like this:

  • 1 Nov 11:00 – Arrive at Main Boat Ramp Eildon National Park Frazer Rd. (Rig and Launch into Coller Bay).
  • 13:00 Depart Main Boat Ramp for a cruise around Coller Bay and a trip to “The Wall” (optional) Returning to Coller Bay for overnight stay (pick up late arrivals).
  • Sunday – Depart Coller Bay for Bonnie Doon (access to Bonnie Doon township is dependent on water level under Maroondah Highway Bridge). Overnight near Mrs Bon Bay, note if too many noisy stink boats near Bonnie Doon arm, we may skip this part and seek  other quiet bay in Delatite Arm (or Ford Inlet).
  • Monday – Explore Delatite Arm  – Lunch at Picnic Point Camping Ground?  Overnight – weather dependant we will find a sheltered bay.
  • Tuesday – Return to Coller Bay for lunch, retrieve boats and head for home.

Permit: Prior arriving trailer sailer owners need to purchase a Restricted 14 day (consecutive or non-consecutive) permit from Goulburn Murray Water (New Eildon Office GMW Office phone number (03) 5774 3900) see:


Don’t be put off by the permit price, this is cheaper than 3 days at one of our favourite marinas.


Access Route: Recommended access is via Yea, Alexandra, Goulburn Valley Hwy, Ut Creek Rd, At the top of the hill Haines Saddle (round-about) proceed cautiously down Fraser Park Rd (do not take Skyline Rd).

Take your time and use low gears on the Fraser Park Road into the national park, it is an asphalt/bitumen road but a long winding downhill section into the camp will certainly warm up your brakes if attacked with too much gusto.


Launching: Recommended Main Ramp Coller Bay (Free Launching).

Free car and boat parking near Main Ramp, recommend you have a lock secure trailer to car, just as a precaution.


More info:


Now is the time to focus on:


  • getting your trailer brakes and bearings serviced
  • getting your motor serviced
  • obtaining your permit from GMW (see above)
  • cleaning out your old fuel (and filters)
  • flushing out your water tank
  • charging / replacing your boat battery
  • testing your radio(s)
  • Complete a GTYC Cruise Info Form send to Paul Webster
  • letting tour co-ordinator (me) know your plans including:

o   where & when launching

o   full / partial trip intentions

o   just meeting up at ………

o   Your contact details i.e. mobile phone / MMSI numbers


Mobile Phone Coverage:

Best estimates suggest that mobile phones will work across 60% of the lake, you just need to guess where you may need it.  Radio between the fleet is a great fall back.


Any questions, please give me a call or email


Happy and safe sailing

Philip (& Jenny) Adams

Swingshift – SC145

Mobile: 0478708246 (0429944940)

MMSI: 503000920

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