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The Curlewis bank Race went ahead on Saturday post a two hour delay for a storm front that went through the Geelong area.

Once the wind settled down to 20 to 25 knots a shortened coarse was decided upon this consisted keeping all boats in the inner Corio bay harbour for safety.

A start line of St Helens which served as a Gate and using Marks CB4 and CB5.

The shortened coarse :



Start Finish Gate



Start Finish Gate



The coarse was completed in around two hours with all yachts managing to miss any storms and major rain, the wind settled to a manageable 20 knots with the odd gust  to around 25 knots.

Race Results 

Congratulations to all competitors 

Place  Sail #  Name                                               Class                                 Crew                                       Club                 

1           40         Five O’ Clock Somewhere        Sonata 6.7 MKII             Shaun Buckner                      GTYC 

2          C750     Fat Bottom Girl                          Colson 750                     Brian Murphy                        GTYC 

3           795       Hidden Agenda                          Noelex 25                       Glenn Kewish                       GTYC 


Link to race results

Curlewis Bank Race Results

Many thanks to the Officers of the Day and Bob and Ken for there efforts. 

Curlewis Bank Race Update

The Curlewis Bank Race will be going ahead starts will be delayed until after the wind change.

Course will be modified to avoid RGYC activities.

Rain is expected so come along prepared .

Hope to see you there. 


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Paul and Ray for their Second Place in Division three Sailing Restless at the 2020 Milang Goolwa Freshwater Classic


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Merry Christmas Everyone

Hi everyone. A brief update:

  • The Christmas Party last Saturday was very enjoyable, with over 40 members and guests gathering at Bob and Linda’s for the barbecue and for the visit by Santa. Strangely, the weather was perfect. Seems it is only bad on scheduled sailing days. Thanks again to Bob and Linda for hosting and for the fantastic presentation they prepared for us.
  • Racing is now finished for 2019. The next race is February 1st Curlewis Bank Race.
  • There will be social sailing on Australia Day weekend, watching various parts of the Festival of Sails conducted by Royal Geelong Yacht Club. Social members, there will be opportunities for sailing and socialising for you so, if you want to be in it, contact me or any other Committee member.
  • Work on the new clubhouse continues. Attached are a few photos showing the concreting around the building and the ramp being completed. Doors, windows and railings are ordered. Best estimate of completion is January 2020. We are hoping for plumbing to be connected also. We will then have to sign the Licence agreement with Council before we can, jointly with Coast Guard, occupy the building. Following that, we can think fitting out the interior. Getting close!
  • Committee has decided to run the Jubilee Class State and National Titles for Ballarat Yacht Club in February. We will need a few more volunteers to help with that – specific requests will be made known in the next month or so.


Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas. Next report will be in 2020.

Hi everyone. This is a brief report about what your Committee has been doing on your behalf.


Seniors Sailing: GTYC conducted a very successful Seniors Sailing day on October 20, as part of the Victorian Seniors Festival. The event is funded by the City of Greater Geelong. Thirty three seniors attended, each spending about three quarters of an hour on one or other of the six yachts volunteered by members, two sessions: 1:30 to 2:30 and 2:30 to 3:30. We were extremely lucky that Dolphins decided to travel with the boats for the 1:30 – 2:30 session, to the delight of those on the water at the time. Everyone enjoyed the sailing immensely and four have applied for Social Membership with the Club. Thanks to all those who assisted.


Clubhouse progress:  Work continues on the modifications to the transportable building. Thus far, power has been connected and lighting and air conditioning are now operational. Current activity is on the deck and steps at the northern end. The attached photo shows progress as of yesterday. Remaining are the deck railing, replacement of the door (east side) and the roller door  (southern end) by windows and doors respectively and the ramp at the southern end. No firm date for occupation but getting close.


Pelican Race Geelong: Yesterday, we conducted the Pelican Race Geelong, our “signature” race for the year. It is one of the six Traveller Series events, where each of six trailable yacht clubs run a race at their home waters. Our event was quite successful, attracting 16 entries, down from 26 last year. Unfortunately, we had to postpone from Saturday due to foul wind and weather and we lost a few entries as a result. However, wind and weather were good for Sunday.


Regattas: We are growing in popularity for trailable yacht regattas which will be greatly enhanced once we are in the new Clubhouse. Between now and the end of February, we will be hosting regattas for Hartley 18/21, Sunmaid/Sunbird, Ultimate, Sonata and Jubilee classes. Apart from being lots of fun (and a bit of work), these are quite lucrative for the Club. We will be asking for volunteers to assist closer to the dates.


The next Social event will be the Christmas Party, Saturday December 7.


All the best,


Secretary, GTYC


Well done to all competitors who competed in the Pelican Race.
CONGRATULATIONS to those trophie winners

Division 1
1st 959 Broken Blade Elliott 5.9 Jake Newman 0.775 3:35:00 2:46:37 1
2nd 59 Bartley Elliott 5.9 Bart Newman 0.775 3:40:42 2:51:02 2
3rd C750 Fat Bottom Girl Colson750 Brian Murphy 0.834 3:35:14 2:59:30 3

Division 2
1st 880 Running Free Noelex 25 David Philipps 0.725 3:42:53 2:41:35 1
2nd 40 Five O’Clock Somewhere Sonata 6.7 MkII (5oclk Swhere) Shaun Buckner 0.755 3:37:48 2:44:26 2
3rd 147 Pipalini Castle 650 Mitchell Bayliss 0.725 3:53:41 2:49:25 3

Division 3
1st 187 Jaffa Boomerang 20 DK Brendan Brown Allan Brown 0.640 3:52:49 2:29:00 1
2nd 3031 Juniper Timpenny 670 Alex Stroud 0.685 3:50:41 2:38:01 2
3rd 452 Restless Ultimate 18 DK Ray Slee 0.600 4:25:20 2:39:12 3

Latest Pelican Race update:

Hi everyone due to adverse wind conditions the Pelican Race has been postponed to Sunday the 10 of November 2019

GTYC wish to apologise for any inconvenience. 


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Geelong Trailable Yacht Club is proud to host the Pelican race again for 2019.

For more information please refer to the links below:

Pelican Race Home Page

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

           2019 Cluster Cup

       7th of September 2019

Link to the: